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We will be launching a new product line very soon.

At Fairmental, we let the ingredients speak for themselves. By this we mean that we focus on using the very best of what Ireland has to offer…nothing extra added but time! We use traditional fermenting techniques alongside years of experience to avoid unnecessary bulking or thickening agents. This involves an element of risk as nature takes its course; sometimes it doesn’t work but when it does it is worth it. Nothing compares to the taste of traditionally made ferments.
We believe in quality over quantity, producing in small batches to ensure we operate in line with our vision of using only seasonal produce, locally sourced ingredients. For us, the quality of ingredients is the most important element in our production. All our produce is 100% Irish from local sources. We are delighted to work with a range of wonderful suppliers including McNallys Farm, Annie’s Organic Farm, Llewellyn’s Orchard, Taylors of Lusk, Beechlawn Organics, Fancy Fungi, Oriel Sea Salt & Irish Atlantic Sea Salt.

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The relaxed dining experience at Bento is chic and airy. High back chairs at the sushi bar coddle you for each course.

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Housed in the original Yami House, the history behind Bento is amazing. Learn more as you dine in our historical dining room.

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chilli sauces

Bento is one of the best-rated restaurants in the region. With glamourous food and delicious drinks – you won’t want to miss out!

We make all things fermented; pickles, kraut, kimchi, chilli sauces to name a few.

Our mission is to be as fair as possible to the planet, our community and customers whilemaking the best healthy and delicious ferments. . Our ferments are packed in re-usable glass jars, compostable and/or recycle boxes and paper, with labels using solvent free glue. Every detail has been considered and we are always looking to improve as we move towards becoming a 100% sustainable producer.