Hi, from fairmental!

Fairmental is the brainchild of experienced chef Valentin Ivancenco and his wife Mihaela Ivancenco who produce 100% Irish fermented goods.

Growing up

ferments were an everyday part of our diet & culture in Romania. Through our experiences, travels and Val’s many years in the kitchen, we developed not only a taste for all things pickled but also a wealth of knowledge which we would love to share with everyone! We are passionate not only about making quality ferments which taste great but also about the gut and mental health benefits connected with fermented foods.
Fermented foods have always played a key role in our diet. As kids Autumn was the season of pickling in Romania and we would spend a lot of time helping our parents produce sauerkrauts, gherkins and kefirs using traditional methods. As a chef Val has worked for over 18 years in kitchens in Ireland, the UK, Romania, Norway, Denmark & Japan. In every job he found himself introducing elements of fermentation and fermented products.

In recent years

top restaurants around the world have elevated and re-ignited the publics passion for fermentation and ferments became popular and trendy again. During the pandemic we had more time to experiment at home with small batch ferments. We began to research and discovered that there were very few Irish ferments on the market; in particular the type of ferments we make in the traditional way.
When Mihaela returned to college last year to study psychotherapy we became aware of the positive mental health benefits associated with fermented foods. The idea came to us to produce our own range of ferments using 100% Irish produce and to promote the mind-gut connection – Fairmental was born!

Since December 2020 we have been testing the market with small batches for sale at Christmas and through a number of select retailers in Dublin. After many months of planning we are delighted to be moving to a larger permanent production space and look forward to having our products available for sale again soon.
Eat pickles and be happy!